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Avert Eye Injuries Using Safety Goggles

April 19 2017 , Written by IndusUno Published on #Personal protective equipment, #Safety Goggles, #safety eyeglasses, #Safety Eye Wear

People working in industrial settings & outdoors are often exposed to the dangers of injuries. Some eye injuries can be so grievous that they can cripple a person for life. The use of correct safety equipments are therefore essential for people working in factories and plants. But selecting a pair of safety goggles of the appropriate quality is not often very easy for buyers. Here are some of the steps using which you can select the best quality of safety googles online: -

Acquire a clear perception about the common safety hazards

Hazards which involve any type of possible danger of injuries exist within all types of factory settings. The most common hazards which you may be exposed to include heat, low & high-velocity impacts, chemicals, dust and optical radiation. The safety eyeglasses which are available in the market offer protection from each of these hazards. Therefore, before you start looking for a pair, you will need to have a clear idea about the problems which you are exposed to, on a regular basis.

Check the material from which the lenses have been created

The lenses of the best quality are made from polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate has high strength and has the ability to absorb UV rays. They are scratch resistant. Therefore, they can keep the eyes of the wearer safe from harmful UV rays. The durability of the goggles to a great extent depends on the coatings of lens. Most of the fog coatings you are likely to come across are anti-fog and anti-scratch. If changing temperatures and high humidity are your major concerns, then you should opt for anti-fog eyewear. Also check the lens tints. These days there are safety googles which are equipped with interchangeable lens tints.

Keep in mind the area where you are going to use these googles

If you are exposed to splashes of molten metal, high temperatures and hot sparks on a daily basis, then you should opt for an eye protector equipped with special purpose lenses with side shields. Safety from splashes, fumes, vapours and irritating mists from acid, blood, chemicals handling, degreasing and plating requires safety googles equipped with safety shields. If you are involved in a very specific type of work such as welding, then you will need to opt for a very specific type of goggles.

Check whether the pair has ANSI Z87.1 certification

Such a certification signifies that the eyewear offers protection from impact, non-ionizing radiation and exposure to liquid splashes. Though this is workplace standard, opting for right safety products which comply with it while performing DIY work may prove to be a wise decision.

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