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Top 7 things to Remember Before Buying Safety Industrial Equipment

April 24 2017 Published on #industrial safety equipment, #Personal protective equipment, #Safety Goggles, #Safety Eye Wear

S uppose you urgently require protective equipment like safety shoes for your industrial works and you’ve got less time on hands. Thus, before you make any vital decision for expansion of your PPE plans, it is crucial to know about the fundamental principles...

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Avert Eye Injuries Using Safety Goggles

April 19 2017 , Written by IndusUno Published on #Personal protective equipment, #Safety Goggles, #safety eyeglasses, #Safety Eye Wear

People working in industrial settings & outdoors are often exposed to the dangers of injuries. Some eye injuries can be so grievous that they can cripple a person for life. The use of correct safety equipments are therefore essential for people working...

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Importance of wearing the correct safety equipment at work

February 9 2017 Published on #Safety Shoes, #Safety Gloves, #Safety Helmets, #Safety Jackets, #Personal protective equipment, #Safety Goggles, #Respiratory Mask, #Hearing Protection

I ndustries comprise of a sophisticated environment. Technical operation of machines can be hazardous for the individuals working therein. For ensuring the safety of the human resources of an industry, integrated safety measures are adopted by employers....

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