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Trends of 2017 in Personal Protective Equipment

January 23 2017 Published on #Personal protective equipment, #Safety Shoes, #Safety Jackets, #Safety Helmets, #Safety Gloves

Trends of 2017 in Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment is meant for increasing the safety of the employees in hazardous working environments. With different tasks a significant amount of danger lies for the person who is involved in different sorts of factory works. Different protective equipment like safety shoes, safety jackets, safety helmets, etc., varies in function but all of these have the same purpose of providing protection to the people wearing it. With this additional layer of clothing and equipment the chance of an injury in case of accident gets significantly reduced.

Personal protective equipment like safety shoes are nowadays being used in all hazardous environments where work can pose as a danger to worker’s health. All personal protective equipment and clothing are designed with sturdy and rigid materials that provide protection for the specific job. These protective kits have gone through various tests and are quality checked by regulatory authorities.

Trends in PPE in 2017

  • Because Look Matters Too - Among the biggest current trends in protective equipment is the employee’s wish to be offered with all work safety equipment that delivers the same performance as their ‘weekend gear’. However, it’s not only to perform at this level, but is also to look great while wearing it on. People who are into skiing, hunting or fishing use the finest quality breathable fabrics and compression fit gear.
  • Save the Ears - More employers are beginning to realize the fact that providing workers with hearing protection like earplugs wouldn’t necessarily be helpful in stopping OSHA-recordable hearing loss which gets induced by noise. In 2017 the trend has notably changed from ‘wearing it’ to ‘correctly wearing it’ – and later on checking that correct fit out. Proper fir documentation of hearing protector would be powerful information in hands of employees for confirming what a good fit would sound and feel like.
  • Safety Awareness is Equally Important - Per Technvio’s market research analyst it is fore casted that global skin protection equipment market would show a CAGR growth of approx. 7% by the year 2020. Protective equipment product market is expected to show a steady incline owing to the increasing awareness in manufacturing and mining industries. In the current industries, most workplace related accidents took place because of worker’s negligence during work. Additionally, with providing equipment like safety jackets, safety goggles and respiratory mask, new kinds of safety awareness and training programs are being undertaken, which in turn lets you create more awareness about protective equipment for the skin.
  • Americans are still ruling in the market - When talking about the geography, the Americans acquire protective equipment market share of more than 45% by the year 2020. Development of innovative products through vendors such as Honeywell and 3M provides help in market growth. Moreover, factors such as sustained economy recovery of America and obligation of strict regulations for industrial safety of employees would foster growth of the market at the predicted timeframe.
  • What about the Larger Segment? - Hand protection equipment segment like safety gloves would be the largest segment of market in global skin protective equipment industry. All market segments currently account for market shares accounting for more than 30% and is further envisaged to enhance a better prospect over market by the year 2020 due to the extending glove demand in household and industrial applications.

It is mostly reported that comfort and style are among the main features that are requested by customers for Personal protective equipment. While keeping these features intact, the first and foremost priority must be safety of the wearer.

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